Resilient and Affordable Sources

of Water and Energy Storage

Oceanus Power & Water is an infrastructure development
company focusing on delivering water and
energy security to impacted regions.


Introducing IPHROCES: Integrated Pumped Hydro Reverse Osmosis Clean Energy System 


Oceanus Energia y Agua de Mexico has launched its first project in the state of Sonora, Mexico. The project is under development stage: Permitting and Feasibility Studies​


Oceanus Energia y Agua de Sudamerica is evaluating a project in the north of Chile to supply fresh water for human
consumption and industrial users, and to provide with energy storage for regions with exponential renewable energy penetration.​


Oceanus Power & Water has been evaluating opportunities in the US with a primary focus in Southern California. The need for water along with the California's plans to go 100% renewable, create a great market opportunity for Oceanus solutions.



Neal Aronson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Joan Leal
President Oceanus South America
Teresa Fondo OK.jpg
Teresa Soffia
E&S Manager Oceanus        South America
Foto NNC -4.png
Nelson Novoa
Technical Manager Oceanus South America


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