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Global, Zero Emissions Solutions for Energy and Water Security

Oceanus is an infrastructure development company focusing on delivering water and energy security to impacted regions. The Oceanus value proposition lies in the integration of three proven technologies: saltwater reverse osmosis desalination, pumped hydropower storage and renewable energy​

The reliable supply of affordable, renewable power and clean drinking water are among the world’s most pressing challenges, and Oceanus seeks to address these challenges with its innovative Integrated Pumped Hydro Reverse Osmosis Clean Energy System (IPHROCES) for deployment across a wide variety of locations, including coastal locations with adequate elevation nearby and demand for water and energy storage​

IPHROCES provides safe and robust energy storage with some of the lowest Levelized Cost of Energy Storage. The co-location of pumped storage hydro with reverse osmosis desalination achieves demonstrable cost reductions, energy efficiency, and emissions reductions, while offering an affordable and very low emissions sources of water and brine discharge solutions​


The Oceanus Value Proposition


Bring Costs Down

Oceanus is seeking cost effective methods and means to reliably deliver low cost solutions that are also financeable by conventional financing sources, and without relying on incentives or subsidies

High Environmental Standards

Brine Discharge: Blending with high flows from Sea Water Pumped Storage

Energy footprint: Desal low energy consumption and use of Renewables for Pumping

Oceanus is committed to complying with California Ocean Plan Standards in all its projects


Oceanus solution is driven both Seawater Pumped Storage and Seawater Revere Osmosis integrated and co-located to meet the water-Energy Challenges of water stressed regions in need of energy reliability

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