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How it Works

Seawater is pumped into the upper storage reservoir using reversible pump-turbines, using surplus electricity from the power grid or onsite renewable generation.
When required, this water is released downhill, driving the pump-turbines in generate mode and producing electricity to the grid.
The water in the upper reservoir is also constantly discharged via the IPHROCES systems to feed the desalination plant, taking advantage of the pressure provided by the elevation.
This hydraulic pressure eliminates the need for additional electricity to be provided to drive the desalination facility, greatly reducing both the capital expenditure and operational expenditure associated with stand-alone desalination facilities. 
The Oceanus design approach ensures that many of the primary components common to both systems are smartly integrated. This includes common seawater intake and outflow structure, common penstocks, electrical systems, and operations.
For more details of IPHROCES, take a look on the animation below.

Introducing IPHROCES: Integrated Pumped Hydro Reverse Osmosis System 

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