Competitive Advantages of IPHROCES



Integration and Co-location provides unique solutions to ​

environmental challenges typically facing Desal​

  • Brine Management: Pumped Storage outflow dilutes Desal waste brine, Brine Discharge blended with discharge flows from SPSH designed to be within ambient salinity levels ​​

  • Energy Footprint: Hydraulic  head drives to significantly reduce reverse osmosis energy consumption​​

  • Reduced Air Emissions:   IPHROCES ~ large amount of the energy required for pumping  is zero emissions, from Solar & Wind



Integration and Co-location provides unique solutions to  environmental challenges typically associated with conventional Pumped Storage

  • Sea Water Pumped Storage is able to generate baseload and dispatchable energy  from rotating equipment, which helps with sustainability and resiliency of the grid​​

  • Fast Response Times​​, Faster than Gas Peakers

  • Can capture ”Duck Curve” over-generation of Solar & Wind Enables increased penetration of Solar & Wind with storage.

  • Alleviate curtailment/dumping of Solar & Wind

  • Enabling a Carbon Free economy

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