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Neal Aronson

Oceanus is the culmination of my long career planning, developing and constructing large, impactful projects.   For many years these projects were impactful in areas such as size, scale, luxury, brand or cost….but not in the areas that ultimately matter the most: protecting our environment; transitioning to a clean energy economy; and providing the world with low cost clean water.     The Oceanus IPHROCES solution leverages existing, proven, bankable technologies to achieve what we believe are unprecedented improvements in the cost, sustainability and resilience of utility scale energy storage and produced water.   We know that this is not an easy path to walk, but the most important jobs in the world are rarely easy.   Fortunately, we have an incredible team of brilliant and committed investors, engineers, developers and communicators.   Give us a call if you’d like to help build the future with us.​

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