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Joan Leal

After working in consultancy for many years in several emerging economies, I had the opportunity to learn how impactful the infrastructure development can be for society when the primary focus is on serving people needs through sustainable and innovative solutions. Looking for the right integration between society and infrastructure I went to Stanford University to get immersed into an innovative and entrepreneurial environment. My time in Silicon Valley took me to the roots of the energy and water challenges of the world giving me a deep understanding  on how the nexus between infrastructure and technology can be the solution. My journey in the infrastructure business and my passion to create an impact in society led me to join Oceanus Power & Water. Oceanus solutions require a high level of technical expertise and innovation to design and implement the genuine integration between desalination and pumped storage. We have developed an integrated, global and sustainable solution capable to address the major challenges of the world today: fresh water supply and clean energy storage.

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